8 Ways to make money selling products online
Make profit online

8 Ways to make money selling products online

Ebay,the largest marketplace has a huge potential for earning an income selling products online.Want to start on eBay or Amazon selling goods online? Here are the top 8 ways of making more money online from selling on eBay and Amazon your products.


Many people use the Ebay or Amazon dropship method. For those who don’t know what dropshipping is, it’s a way of selling where you make money selling goods online,for instance on eBay, without actually having the product. You have a supplier who ships the products directly to your customer adress. Dropshipping business is the utopia of making money from selling products online with eBay, because it requires no investment in inventory, no warehouse and almost no labor.

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Another method of making profits selling online with eBay is wholesale suppliers. The same way as for dropshipp also work for wholesalers. You don’t want to sell products that are allready beeing sold on Ebay by many people. Make sure your supplier is not also an ebay seller.You don’t want to be competing with your supplier, or else you’re not going to be able to sell your products and make any profit online.


One of the best methods to make money selling onlineĀ  your products with eBay is importing. The pros of this is having unlimited products to import and sell online. You can find a lot of unique items so you can kill your competition. The conĀ  is that it’s a bit expensive. To import products from China, just to ship a 40-foot container cost between $4,000 and $5,000. It can be pretty difficult to do that.

There are brokers that can help to reduce the import cost, but it can be difficult to make huge money selling on eBay products with high shipping costs. It can also take a lot of time for the products to arrive.Importing is not for everyone, but can be lucrative importing the right products.

Sell Refurbished Goods

“I love refurbished goods. I’ve had most of eBay profits coming from selling refurbished goods. Why? Low competition and limited availability.
Here’s the trick: if you want to find a refurbished good, go to a manufacturer’s Web site; type in “refurbished” in it. Quite often, you can find calculators or laptops or other items that are refurbished at fantastic deals. That’s one way of finding it, or you can use Google to find them, too.

Liquidations & Closeout Goods

Refurbished goods are not near as good as liquidated goods when it comes to making money on eBay. This is by far, by far, by far the best way. I’ve made so much money off liquidated goods. One company that I’ve had great success with is Liquidation.com. Liquidated goods are either surplus or leftovers, items that normally are auctioned off.

Local Area Auctions

In my area, in our Sunday paper, we have lists of local auctions in the area where you can go to. A company’s going out of business. You can quite often find a good deal. There are pros and cons about it. If you like doing that kind of thing, that’s wonderful. The thing is you never know. You can make big money on eBay or come away with nothing.

Selling Knowledge Products

Making money on eBay through knowledge products. Of all the products, this is even better than liquidated goods. This is the ultimate product to sell. A knowledge product can be an e-book; it can be an audio file; it can be a video file; it could even be a CD or a DVD, even a list of links for a Web site. If you develop the product yourself, the cool thing is you limit the amount of competition you’ll have on eBay, and thus increase your profits

Consignment Selling

Another way of making money selling on eBay is consignment selling. That’s when you sell other people’s products. If you go this route, focus on higher-priced items. Make sure it’s worth your while. If you go to AuctionBytes.com – which is a great Web site for eBay information – on the left hand side there’s a link for consignment sellers. You can look and see how much money they charge for selling other people’s items. You can also take a look at their contracts and see what kind of paper work you’ll need to get started.”


Here is a good ebook about Making Money Selling Products Online.

Any of these methods will help you to make more money selling on eBay.

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