Here is my short story.

Five years back,I was like you:a struggling affiliate, trying to step into the internet marketing world.I had the strong desire to learn how to make money online and how all this works, starting from zero.

I didn’t know what wordpress is or how to create a website,so i started searching online ,watching videos, buying affordable courses and softwares and learning by my mistakes how to put all together.Believe me: you won’t learn following step by step someone else’s strategy.You have to make your own plan about what your site( business) is going to target.

Don’t buy guru’s expensive courses!
you will be just fine learning from an affordable course,explaining where to start and how.I tell you,it doesn’t matter how expensive or affordable the course is; because at the end, all you need is a guide ( blueprint).For instance, if you are a Clickbank affiliate, i would recommend using this guide here.

The same applies for the software!

There is no need to buy fancy expensive plugins when you just start out,all you have to do is to learn how to integrate affordable software on your site in order to maximize conversions,get more traffic, etc.

Yes, after creating my first site, and trying to learn as much and as fast as i could to put all in practise, i felt overwhelmed and frustrated because i didn’t get the results i expected and i gave up.I had a part-time job back then, as an assistant.

So, Never Give Up!

After some month, i had no job and because i can’t accept the failure, i started again, this time i took small steps,implementing new methods and tools that i have learned as an affiliate newbie in the past, and believe it or not, this was the time when i started seeing real results from the internet marketing.

I will never forget how glad i was when one morning when checking my emails i saw an affiliate EARNING OF $ 6.50.

Don’t expect big money instantly!

This is my short story, and i hope this will motivate and help some of you to make the decision if internet marketing is or is not the right thing for you.

PD. all the affiliate stuff i recommend on this site is stuff that i have used or still use on my sites.

If you want to know what affordable courses or software i use , i will list them in the start here page.