Best Internet Marketing Tools All Affiliates Need

Best Internet Marketing Tools All Affiliates Need

I  allways get asked which are “the best and free affiliate marketing tools” i use. My Best 7 free Internet Marketing Tools for affiliates.Save money using top 7 free tools for affiliate marketing and boost your business.

Sometimes Affiliate Marketing can be a very challenging task. No matter if you are just getting into affiliate marketing or have been  successful for years, there is always good idea to improve your knoledge. There is a lot of competition and as affiliates we must find new ways to get an edge.

Best seven Free Tools for Affiliate Marketing

I have put together a list of my best and all  free affiliate marketing tools hoping that will take your affiliate marketing to the next level. The free affiliate internet marketing tools  i put together are going to help you in everything you need to be a successful affiliate.

Let’s dig into my list of  free tools for your affiliate marketing campaigns:


SpyFu is one of the great free tools for affiliate marketing to see what keywords your competitors are using on AdWords and also what are the keywords they are using to target organic search. Also you can see an estimated cost of advertising your competitor’s websites are spending. This is a great affiliate marketing tool because you can optimize your advertising  campaign and find what your  competitors are doing.Take advantage of this tool to gain an edge over them.


Tracking202 is a web based pay per click analytics tool for affiliates. and is a free software What it does, it gives the affiliates the possibility to track and monitor all the aspects of their PPC campaigns.This completely automates all your advertising campaigns information in one place and can be easy  integrated  with Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, and into many Affiliate Networks.

The best feature of this plataform is that it provides keyword level tracking. This way you know for sure what keywords are convertig the best and make your campaign  profitable .


Wordtracker is a must if you run PPC campaigns. It is a free web based marketing tool that allows you to find the keywords customers are searching for. This is a FREE alternative tool to the Google Keyword PlannePerforming keyword research has never been easier.

Traffic Travis

This is another free online tool for marketers that you should use to analyze your competitors.I have a post about this affiliate marketing tool here.

Google Website Optimizer

Google’s website optimizer is free.This is a  great marketing tool to use because it allows you to test and optimize your  campaign’s website/landing page and increase conversions. You can test different design layouts, content, forms, etc. in order to determine the winning combination that leads the greatest conversions. Keyword research tool

This is a free keywords research tool,you can use as an alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner

Google Global Market Finder

A free resource for affiliate marketers to fiind keyword trends by countries and generate a list of keywords synonyms.

Clickbank tools for affiliates

Tools for successful Clickbank affiliate.Here is an example of  an affiliate review website made with this tools.

Affiliate Manager

This is the most essential free tool. As an affiliate you should be in permanent contact with your affiliate manager, because they are the best help you can get if you want to be successful.They will provide information about what programs are converting the best, so you don’t have to waste time and money advertising other programs that don’t perform.

If you’re willing to spend time doing affiliate marketing, make sure to use the best tools for boosting your affiliate commission and if they are ftee the better. Competition is hard, so use these tools to get to the next level of affiliate marketing.

Do you have any other free tools for internet marketing that should be included here? Share your thoughts and help other affiliates too.

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