Best SEO Tool-Easy Competition Analysis

This the best Free SEO Software for all your SEO & PPC Management needs.You can use the SEO software for on and off page analysis as well as to spy on your competitors.

Best SEO tool –  how to analyse who your competitors are.

Here’s an analysis of the  best free SEO tool i found.A great Competitor Analysis tool.
This is the best SEO tool and PPC software.

This software includes a  free SEO  tool called competition analysis module where you type in the phrase you want to analyze, choose the search location (  for ex. your country) and then  click  the “Analyze” button.

How to use the software and analyze what your competitors are doing :

You’ll  get the  rating for the phrase you’ve  typed in, plus other information  in a graphical interface as shown bellow:

PR  Google page rank
BL  Number of back links for the page
BLS  Number of back links for the  whole site.
TBL  Number of  the back links for this site from edu and gov domains.
DMOZ  Shows if the domain is listed in DMOZ
YAHD  Shows if the domain is listed in Yahoo directory
Title  Shows if the title on the page contains the phrased you entered.
Desc  Shows if the Meta description on the page contains the phrased you typed in.
H1 Tag Shows if the H1 tag on the page contains the phrased you entered.
GCA is the  age in days of Google cached version of the page.
CEXT  Number of sites linking to domain from country (tld) of initial search.

Watch the video for  more details on how to use a long tail keyword software to analyze who your competitors are here.

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter what you do, you are not successful with search engines? While it is quite possible that you are doing things wrong, one other possible reason for your poor SEO performance is that your competition is really tough. If you are in a very competitive niche, then your competition can be really smashing and you just can’t afford not to keep an eye on them.
Well, even if your niche isn’t that competitive, you will only win if you know how to monitor your competitors’ success and failure. Here are some steps you can do to analyze your SEO competition.

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