Conversion rate- optimize ecommerce

Conversion rate- optimize ecommerce sites

Ecommerce site optimization will boost your Store’s Conversion rate.Conversion marketing consists of knowing your conversion rate.The conversion rate is the ratio of visitors to your site who covert their views into your desired action based.In the case of an ecommerce site, the desired action is obviously a sale.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of making it simple for users to buy from you. In order to do this consider whether or not your site is easy to navigate and if it is it visually pleasant.

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A conversion occurs when a visitor takes an action that you wanted them to take. In the case of an ecommerce site, this action would be making a purchase. You need to know exactly how many visitors to your site converts into a sale. Think of the internet as a giant shopping mall.

All of your competitors are just a few steps, or clicks away from your store. In order to drive sales you need to carefully construct your site so that visitors come to you and make purchases. You must draw them in and make them interested enough to stay and buy from you.

If you see that you do have a good amount of traffic coming to your site, but you cannot seen to increase your conversion rate, you need to look at what you may be doing wrong.

Perhaps the design of your site is boring or confusing to the visitor. If you were a visitor, would you stay or would you click away from the site because it is too cluttered and unattractive?

If you find that you are not making sales and you think you have a great looking site that is easy to navigate, then you may very well need to employ the help of a professional who can assist you with the conversion optimization of your site, or you can think in building ecommerce sales funnels for your   products.

How to Optimize your E-Commerce Sales Funnel

Optimize your pages for higher conversion.Optimizing e-commerce sales funnel is thought to be difficult because the content may be constantly changing. Products go out of stock or they are discontinued by their manufacturers, so product pages may be deleted.

This means that pages that were already ranked by the search engines have now disappeared and that new pages will have to wait their turn to be indexed. However, there are some techniques that can be used to successfully optimize e-commerce sites.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are very important when you’re trying to get a site ranked well with the search engines. Choose keywords that have too much competition and you’re fighting a losing battle. Once you have chosen keywords, apply them to your page titles, Meta description, and page content. Properly optimizing your pages with keywords can help you improve your rankings.

Unique Content

Unique content is a must for any site, but it may be difficult to decide how to use content on an e-commerce site. Your site may currently have many product pages that have very few words of text on them. What you can do is add relevant content to each page to attract the search engine spiders and make the pages more user-friendly. The content can be in the form of articles, product reviews, or user guides. For example, a product page focusing on a diamond bracelet could include an article about choosing a diamond bracelet or caring for a diamond bracelet. This makes your site more useful for readers and it also adds content that can be indexed by the search engines.


Links are very important for good search engine rankings. E-commerce site owners can use linking in several ways. Internal links can point visitors from one page of your site to several others. For example, a product page may have four or five links to similar product pages.

E-commerce business owners may also choose to take advantage of one-way linking and two-way linking. One-way linking is when a site links to your site without asking for a link in return. These are the most valuable links in the eyes of the search engines.

Two-way linking is when you link to someone else’s site and they link to your site in return. All of these types of linking can help the search engine spiders find your pages and help you improve your ranking.

3 Ways to Boost Web Sales with Conversion Improvement

Even if you only increase conversions to 2%, you just doubled your revenue without spending any more money on marketing. So here are three smart ways to increase online sales conversions:

1. Use Efficient Navigation.

Think like you were the customer. Can you find all of the links you need to make a purchase, or does it take some searching? Things like shopping cart buttons should be very visible and found on any applicable page. Do not make a customer go searching for a way to spend money on your website, instead make it easy for them!

2. Demonstrate Product Benefits.

People browsing the web are more than likely going to look at a few websites before making a purchase. Make it very clear why your product or service is top notch. Have a unique selling position: What distinguishes and is unique about your offer and why it is better than any competing offer.

Do not make a visitor read a lot of content and find information themselves; make it clear and bold and they are more likely to buy from you. Also people don’t read on the Internet, they skim. Any text should be an easy to read marketing heading and then a short paragraph, and then another headline, etc.

3. Include A Call to Action.

Most websites falter because they do not ask visitors to do anything! Every single page should have some sort of call to action. Depending on your business you want the customer to either make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or contact you for more information.

Visitors are wasted if they are not participating in your business one way or another. When they hit your home page, tell them what to do next. Visitor’s eyes are drawn to pictures, especially human faces. Design appropriate small graphics next to your marketing headlines that can be clicked on.

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