How to get Amazon Api Key

Get an API Key from Amazon to use with the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.For many Amazon plugins and third party add-ons you will need the Amazon API Key and Amazon Secret Key. Here is how to get it.

How To Generate Amazon AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access

Get Amazon Product Advertising API Keys

To get an API key, ( access key and secret key) I need to create an account with Amazon Web Services, which I don’t have. So I will  create one now.


This is a four step process starting with the screen you see, then you’re asked to enter your CC info, then they call you to verify your account, then you choose your support plan. I went with the Basic (free) plan because I’m pretty sure I can handle getting an API key.

How do I find my AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key?

In order for UserActivation to access your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account automatically, the Access Key and the Secret Access Key are required. The Access Key and the Secret Access Key are not your standard user name and password, but are special tokens that allow our services to communicate with your AWS account by making secure REST or Query protocol requests to the AWS service API.

To find your Access Key and Secret Access Key:

Log in to your AWS Management Console.
Click on your user name at the top right of the page.
Click on the Security Credentials link from the drop-down menu.
Find the Access Credentials section, and copy the latest Access Key ID.
Click on the Show link in the same row, and copy the Secret Access Key.


Here is how i create my API key after logging into amazon console. Check the detailed documentation on how to use the plugin if you need them.

Your credentials can be created directly in your Amazon Associates account.

Next I login to my Associates Account and go to Tools –> Product Advertising API to connect my API key to my Associates account, and now I’m good to go.


The final part of this step is to enter the API information, along with the Associate IDs for the various international programs that you are registered with, into your AAWP plugin, which ends up looking something like this.

In the meantime, watch the use and setup process for Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress.

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