Learn how can i create a wordpress site to make money.If you’re willing to make a lot of money online then creating your own web site is the best way to start.Earning a living online by creating a wordpress website is like running a business. A good way to start is by advertising networks such as AdSense ( a great revenue source for any site) or other affiliate networks.

As an affiliate you can advertise other people products online and earn commissions even without a site. There will be a lot of work and you will not see the benefits till much later down the line. However, if you have a brilliant idea or vision, and you are passionate for self-employment ,then there’s big chanses for you to succeed making profit online by creating a profitable website. create money making site If you’re willing to work hard, be your own boss, and make a full-time income for you, then learning “how to make money form a website” is the right choise for you.Learn how to create a money making site that will bring you profit online using affiliate marketing and Adsense.

How do u make money from a website

Owning a website opens you up to a variety of income sources. There are many ways you can profit online from your own website,but first step is to get a domain name and hosting then set up and design your site.Keep in mind  that all business requires work and don’t expect results on the first day, or the first month.

Start building a Free website to earn money

There are providers that gives you  the possibility to create a free blog or website and start earning profit online.

If your budget don’t allow you to buy a domain name and web hosting, you can start designing a great website for free with a non hosted plataform. Blogger and wordpress.com allow you to develop your own website for free. They even host it for free. For instance, you could use the services of weebly or  wix. ,too, to start a free non hosted website.

Create free website

Video shows you how to easily create and setup a simple wp website for free with free web hosting and free domain name.


Design free website to make money

Here’s come the fun part. You can make your blog or website look the way you want it to.Here are some tips to  help you get started designing your perfect site.

The theme graphic will change the design of the entire web site.Find a design that suit you and your blogging goals.Choose a new theme:you can either go to Appearance > Themes and install a free WordPress theme or you can buy a premium theme with great design to build your website.

I advice to choose a design that looks professional,is mobile friendly,SEO optimized and easy to customize. WordPress also allows you to change themes with just a clicks. So if you are tired of your site’s current design, switch the theme (you will not loose any content or images).

Setting up a site is time consuming and you need to find ways to monetize it after all if you want to make money from it.But there are solutions for that…get a complete business in a box if you are interested in building and ranking websites for a living.

Install plugins

Here is a list of must have plugins to install on your new wordpress site. Yoast SEO Jetpack by WordPress.com Tablepress Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Broken Link Checker W3 Total Cache WP Smush Ultimate Nofollow Disqus Commenting System All in One WP Security

Here you have it.You’ve done a great job!

Ways to make money from simple website

Now that you have your site up and running let’s find some ways to monetize your site and get some money.There are many ways to make extra money online by turning your site into a revenue generating machine.This is one of the common ways to make money online using a simple website.

Create websites for sell (flip sites)

One of my most effective way of manking good profit online is to flip sites ( make sites and then sell  them).I learned this “flip sites” method from an internet marketer who shows me how to do all the process of flipping sites and generate income.She gave me all the documentation needed and some step by step videos that i followed and i made my first sale within a week or so.

How to make money from a niche website

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make big money working online.After building your niche website, create an online shop, join Amazon Associates and make extra money selling affiliate products online.Here is how to start making a living via affiliate marketing site. Affiliate marketing offers the chance to make money by selling other people goods or services online.

We all know that we need a good blog or website to start as an affiliate or an affiliate marketing business. If you  are willing to do anything to make a lot of money from your site, then follow along with me,and i will share with you all my experience on ” how to make money from a website”, where to find good affiliate marketing program to promote,what products worked for me and more.

Make money creating an affiliate store

If you are allready familiar with wordpress, you can build affiliate (niche) sites and make money selling affiliate products with your own online store.

Monetize your content with Adsense

Adsense advertising network  is the best way to go if you want to make money online monetizing the content of your site.Join Adsense!

Here is how to sign up, setup and monetize your wordpress site using adsense

Sell products online on your site

Companies are willing to pay great money for you to advertise their products on your website.You can make money selling electronic products as an affiliate.

So, if you have something to say or recommend from your own experience, please, feel free to comment.