How to start an affiliate marketing business from home

How to start an affiliate marketing business from home

Start an internet Affiliate marketing business from home and earn money online selling other business products.Affiliate marketing is a business model to start: work online and grow your income from home.

Why should i start an affiliate marketing business?

Affiliate marketing is the best online business model to start even from home because the starting costs are low and the income you can generate can be huge.Wouldn’t be nice to be able to work from home online making a lot of money and be your own boss?This is the reason why i recommend to start your own affiliate marketing business right now!

Affiliate marketing business starting process:

Starting process for affiliate marketing online business requires a good plan.Here’s the affiliate marketing business proces and steps to follow.You need to create your business hub site:a starting point for your business.The affiliate hub site is where you have your links, try your themes and softwares, trak progress of your business…

Learn how to create your hub site ( get domain name and hosting, set up wordpress)

Here is  the plan and the proces to start your own affiliate marketing home based online business.

1. Find your niche market

This is the most important step;knowing where the people we want to market to are.After that we need to find the right keywords to target that niche.For this you can use Google’s Keyword Planner free Tool,or  automate the process of finding keywords and phrases that will lead to SALES using a Pro software.

how to find a niche market
how to do keywords research using Google Keyword Planner Tool

2.Find the profit center

It’s a must finding out if that niche you want to market to is profitable and has a lot of money.By that i mean that you have to check if there are many people searching for funny dogs videos, and find out if there is an offer to promote for that term.

To search for offers you can use is a search engine that helps you find affiliate programs you can sign up and promote their offers and also offers affiliate marketing resources .


As an  online business owner,your number one asset is the ability to drive traffic wherever you want.Keep in mind that not all traffic is created the same way.You need to have the ability to drive quality traffic.

If your using ditect linking method,you’ll lose a lot of value,the best way is to create an intermediate point:the landing page ( a site or blog)We need to see where the people (our niche) are.

For instance, if we go for people searching videos about funny dogs,your traffic source could be Youtube, or maybe they are searching on Google.Now that we know where our potential visitors are( our money-making traffic sourcees Youtube and Google),let’s see if we can find an offer to promote ; for example a toolbar to download videos,ebooks…etc.

Assuming we found the perfect offer to promote and pays us $1/download, and say “funny dogs videos” has only 300 searches per month in Google, this means that we will be going to make $300/month from free traffic.Now , let’s say we go for ppc advertising and  the “funny dog videos” keyword we’ll cost us $0.50/click to advertise on Adwords or Bing .In this case we will only be making $150/month.In this case the offer is not good enough( for me), and is not viable because we want more money,right?

So, allways check if the traffic source is viable and if it make sense.

4.Set up a domain name

This is diffferent from your hub site and you can set up your new site in less then 5 minutes, because you allready have your hosting.Choose your domain mane based on your traffic source.For instance if you go for funny dogs videos, your domain name has to be something like,or funnydosgs.TV.If you go for google search or PPC,try to put the exact keywords in your domain name.

how to buy a custom domain

5.Content and layout

Write about your subject and add your affiliate links too.Learn how to create KILLER, 100% unique blog posts, even if you have NO IDEA what to blog about.Lower your bounce rates,boost your engagement and skyrocket your earnings!

Writing awesome content is one way to promote your affiliate website.If you don’t know what to write about you can use content curation to get inspiration and add value to your own unique content.

The structure of your site for affiliate marketing business:

1 Before starting a site,we allready know our traffic sources::it can be seo,youtube,ppc,social media, etc.
2 create a site and drive traffic to our squeeze page: it can be a page on your site that have some content and an optin box
3 they optin to your mailing list and you send them to your thankyou post( not a page) where you have what you promissed in the optin box and maybe you have more maney making cool stuff there too.
4 Cloak your affiliate links

Best Wp plugin to hide your affiliate link, instantly brand it with your domain, and add a call to action.

6.Optimize your affiliate marketing niche site for SEO and conversion

7.Run a test

The online advertising test is going to show us everything: whether we are making a little money or we break through.Check how many optins you get, the CTR on your links,how many left or bought and how much did you make.You can run this test for free, using the cupons you got when you bought the hosting for your hub site.

If you want to advertise your affiliate business for free getting organic traffic from google,please make sure your site is indexed  in google search engine ( use google search console) and also optimize your site for SEO .Here are other ways to advertise your affiliate links for free.

Hope this start up affiliate marketing business and the planning process guide will help you launch your own profitable business and be your own boss working online at home.

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