Should i use curated content on my blog

Should i use curated content on my blog

Are you a blogger who earn income online and want to know how to use curated content on your blog ? Should you consider content curation? Curate Authority content from blogs you love.Curate useful content for your blog readers providing free and valuable information from many resources.. The problem with bloggers is that at some point we run out of inspiration or topics to write about and stop writing altogether.

How to use content curation for SEO

Curating fresh content for SEO several times per week, will help rank your blog higher in the search engines and will drive more visitors to your articles.

Curating content for your blog SEO is a great way to continue to provide great content for your readers. Curating fresh content for your blog it’s not about “stealing” content by any means.

This is a process of researching and putting toghether content written by other people, who are considered experts, in such an informative way that your visitors feel they are receiving much more valuable information from one location (your blog) than having to read content from dozens of websites over time.

How to make money curating content

If you want to earn money from your blog’s traffic, curated content can benefit you in driving more traffic to your articles and  increase the chances of earning more money online. Be aware, keep your readers interests in mind  because it is not just about “selling”.

Therefore, carefully use curated content in such way that not only provide value to your audience, but also make them take action (click a link, buy a product, etc.) where you can be financially compensated.


Build Auto Curated Blogs using Authority Content

Curated Content works Great alongside Original Content. WP plugin allows you to Automatically curate Content with ease.For your wordpress blog ,plugin curate content with just few click.

Sources for curating content

Curating Content is easy. You don’t have to be a writer to create blog content. Use tools like Tumblr Share: once installed in your browser, you can find articles related to your blog topic and remotely post to your Tumblr blog adding “curated content”.

Other sources of content are the RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc. You can search Google News, news sites, authority sites or blogs. Using curation for your  blog content is about adding links to relevant sources or you can write your own excerpts of those sources and always provide a link to the original content you have “curated” so that your readers can follow your suggestions adding to their overall experience on whatever topic you’re article is about.

Content curation techniques.

There are different techniques to curate content but one of the  “professional” ways is to find content related to your niche topic and comment on other people content or share the resource of related content so your audience gains better insight into the topics you write about.

For instance, commenting on curated content may be to take an excerpt from a news source and share it on your blog adding your comments. Or share a tweet on your facebook page and  add your own thoughts. By sharing this curated content in the social media networks, your audience can also comment and share their point of view while adding more unique content to your blog or site.

For internet marketers as well as  for professional content creators this is a valuable technique for adding fresh content from various sources while providing a large perspective into whatever topic is being discussed. It’s all about “new” content, but quality content that providing value, additional information, generating opinions, and so on.

If done right, the results of  curated content (including your own unique comments) should make your blog audience wanting to share your content, and drive more visitors ( and money) .

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