Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own web site?Looking for information on making a website from scratch,then you’ve come to the right place. Building your own simple wordpress site can be a real challenge if you do not understand the basics and how to go about doing it.

Making a website basics

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How to create a web page

Video shows how to make a website, a step by step guide for beginners.

1. Register Your Domain

– Go to any company that is a domain name registrar. Namecheap is both: domain registrar and  hosting provider. What you need to do is pick the domain for your website. Of course this is the website address that anyone who wants to visit your site will type in. Make it easy to remember, easy to spell and make it a dot com address.

2. Buy Your Hosting

– As I mentioned in step one Namecheap is both a domain registrar and a hosting company. There are other hosting companies like this, such as HostGator. I use Namecheap for all my website hosting and my domain name registration. It’s up to you if you want to separate the two or buy them all at one place. When you do buy hosting, a good thing to look for is multiple domain hosting so that you can host more than one website all for one hosting plan price.

3. Connect Domain and Hosting

– If you didn’t buy your domain and your hosting account at the same place then you will need to connect the two. If you think about this logically it makes sense because if you build a website at your host but your domain is somewhere else they need to be connected before anyone will see the site you built.

You connect your domain to your hosting via nameservers. Nameservers are set at the domain companies control panel. If you are using GoDaddy, for example, you log into your account, click on your domain name and then change the nameservers that match your hosting account (you’ll need to find these out from your hosting company).

4. Build Your Website

– Once you buy your domain name, sign up for hosting and connect the two you are ready to build a web page site!

My favorite tool for building web page is a program called WordPress. It’s totally free and it’s easy to install. It has a massive supply of professional looking website themes (or templates) that you can use and customize to create the perfect website for your business. Actually, WordPress does a lot more too.

Create a profitable hosted website with wordpress

The idea of creating a website makes many people nervious just by thinking of it.Before even start your wordpress site, establish your goals and find the niche market for your.All you need to design a profitable and professional wordpres hosted website is listed bellow:

Nowadays you don’t need to be a computer expert to make a site and earn Passive Profit online from it.Tthe real important thing you need is website traffic.

This post will guide you through all the steps required to create  and design your own site using the free wordpress software.You can set up your sire easy and fast.Wordpress also offers a variety of themes and plugins to choose from and they are all free. Start a blog or site with your own custom domain.

Here is a post about how to buy your own custom domain for less. I  start using iPage to create some of my sites.(for my blog domain and hosting), and I have only good things to say about them. It’s one of the affordable hosting companies out there (less than $2.50 per month).A domain name cost around $10-15/year, but with iPage they give it to you for free .

Big thumbs up for that! If you don’t want to use iPage,you’re free to choose your own hosting company.Allmost all have a “one-click” WordPress install app. on their cpanel. All you do is sign up with your chosen provide, select your hosting plan and a domain name and find the one-click WordPress install button on the cpanel.

Now WordPress is installed on your website so you can start blogging.Go to your WP-Admin page usually www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin and start writing by adding pages and posts.

How to create a website without html

Learn how to make a nice-looking website without having to learn HTML or programming skills? Building a professional website that will make you money isn’t a difficult task and it’s actually very easy to do, if you have the right resources.

WordPress theme allows you to build money-making sites using trending content from the hottest social media sites.

With this theme you:

Never have to write a single word of content again
Have your site auto-built and filled with high-quality content that makes people stick around
Earn profits by using the built-in ad spots – show relevant products, Adsense ads or any link you wish
Enjoy free traffic generated from built-in features like Facebook comments, etc.
Use the built-in automatic list builder to finally start creating your list of customers that you can
use to mail and drive traffic any time
Enjoy many other features that this theme comes built-in with.

Here’s a live demo site that you can check to get a better idea of what your new sites will look like.

Starting a website is an exciting time in any entrepreneur’s career.The first thing you need to do is pick and purchase your domain name. The question is: How do you successfully buy domain names and web hosting without going insane trying to figure it out?