Paid traffic grow your business & get leads

Paid traffic grow your business & get leads

Are you new to paid ads?Here’s an intoduction to paid online advertising and how to grow your business fast with paid traffic to make profit generating more leads.

Paid traffic is the quickest ways to grow the ROI of your business generating traffic, getting more leads and sales.Paid traffic like Google ads (online advertising) work best if you have a traffic generation strategy and if you know what you’re doing.

Paid ads will help you buy instant targeted traffic to your business or site.There’s many ways and types of paid online advertising you can use to boost up your business fast.

The best thing about paid traffic is that it lets you get instant market feedback for whatever it is that you’re advertising your business on the internet.

Paid ads is like a traffic water faucet :you can turn it on watch the traffic flow and then turn it off and then turn it back out again if you want. Here’s the traffic generation strategy using paid traffic.

If you prefer watching a video over the written content, here is the video i have for this topic.

The cost of paid advertising

With paid online advertising you could spend $25 $50 or $100 and drive a few thousand people to your website within a matter of hours and sometimes even minutes ,depending on how you set up your campaign.

Another great thing about paid traffic is that it lets you scale up your business if your website is making money from all the other advertising methods that you’re doing.

How paid traffic works.

Setting a paid traffic ad campaign it will probably make you even more profits and at a quicker rate.Here’s how paid traffic works and how paid ads can grow your business.

As we already know traffic is a precious commodity essential to all business and websites online. Now for one reason or another some websites have attracted a massive amount of traffic to them.

In order to monetize these massive levels of traffic these websites offer other website owners the ability to pay for links on their website.These links are paid ads as they are known,and can generate a large number of unique visitors to any website.

Paid advertising methods

paid advertising methodsThere are several methods you can promote your business through paid online advertising.Here’s methods of paid online advertising so, let’s quickly go over some of them

Pay-per-click or PPC

This is a form of online ads where you only pay when someone actually clicks on your link advertisement.For example, you could run ads all day on Google and not pay anything if nobody clicks them.

However, every time somebody does click on your ad your account will be charged for whatever the amount is you agreed to pay-per-click.

Pay-per-view or PPV

This form of paid traffic charges you for every page view. For instance, when someone visits a website and you have a PPV agreement with them they will show their visitors your website for a brief  period and charge you for that page view.

PPV traffic tends to be cheaper than PPC traffic because it is of a lower quality.This is because the websites selling the
PPV traffic has to pop up or pop under your website on theirs, which can be intrusive to the browsing experience.

Cost per thousand or CPM

This is a form of paid traffic where you only pay a set amount for every thousand times your link advertisement is shown.This type of traffic is usually used for banner advertising.

Cost per action or CPA

This is a form of paid traffic where you only pay when the user has completed a specific action.For instance, you can only pay for everyone who submits an email address to your website or you can only pay for your traffic when someone buys something.

Paid ads types

Paid ads typesWe’re going to walkthrough some of the most common types of paid online ads, the definitions, and how they work.

All of these types of  paid online advertising vary in how you execute them.Let’s get started with pay per click( ppc) paid ads the most common type of online advertising.

pay-per-click ads on a search engine

One of the very first things you need to do is find out who your audience is. If you’re going to be running pay-per-click ads on a search engine you can find your audience by figuring out what keywords people are typing into the search engines.

The search engine will show your ad every time someone types in that specific keyword.

pay-per-click ads on a social network

If you  are going to be running pay-per-click ads on a social network like Facebook ,you can find your audience by figuring out the demographics of people that are interested in what it is you are offering Facebook provide you with a great suite of tools to help you find your audience on their website.

banner ads

If you’re going to be running banner ads you need to find the various website so the people in your niche market are visiting, then you can use a banner ad network or approach the website owners directly to set up a banner advertising deal.

No matter which one you choose, make sure that you find your audience. This is a very crucial step and you should never just go out and start blindly running ads without doing this important research.

Creating your ppc ad

After that it’s time to creating your ad.This is the next part of the process ,no matter what type of pay-per-click advertising you’re using ,your ad need these:to be catchy,attention-grabbing and promised some type of benefit all within the span of just a few words.

Here are some great tips you can use to make sure that you write effective ads.

First thing you want to do is make sure your ad is very specific to the keyword that was typed into the search engine you don’t want to write a generic ad for all your keywords.Instead you want to group your ads by keyword and keep them tight and focused on whatever the keyword is.This will yield for better results than trying to create a one-size-fits-all ad.

You should also try to include your unique selling proposition or USP. The USP is  a simple way of telling people how your business stands apart from the competition and the main benefit your product ,website or service provides.

Here are some examples of USPS from popular companies that you may be familiar with:

Oil of Olay you get younger looking skin

FedEx when your package absolutely has to be there overnight

Domino’s Pizza hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free

You should spend some time trying to figure out a phrase that encapsulates all of what you do in your business.The next thing you need to do is when creating your ad is to make sure you include some type of call to action.You want to include a phrase and instructs the person reading your ad what to do next.

It could be something as simple as click here or you can even say something like visit the website right now for more info.Whatever it is, make sure that you give a clear and precise instruction about what they need to do next.

Finally, be creative.Don’t try to fit yourself inside of a single box with your ad writing.The more unique you are and the more your ads stands out ,the more clicks it is going to generate.

Tracking and testing.

After you’ve created your ad, you need to use tracking and testing.Take your time and test various advertising networks and ad creatives until you find the perfect ad campaign that brings you profit and more customers.

Test several different versions of your ad where you make small changes.To each version, you may find that changing just one or two words dramatically increases or reduces the amount of clicks you get on your ad. Also constantly keep improving your ads. They can always be better!

Most popular paid traffic ad networks

Let’s cover the most popular paid traffic ad networks (websites) in a little bit more detail.There are many companies that allow businesses to create paid advertising campaigns.The best advertising networks let you choose your desired price, the ad format, targeting and tracking solutions. Not all advertising networks offers traffic that is created equally,therefore,the performance of your own advertising campaign will vary based on the ad networks you are working with, the type of paid ads that you create and the ability you have to target those ads.

Profitable Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Paid traffic websites are a profitable traffic sources for affiliates.Here are most profitable website traffic sources for promoting affiliate marketing offers that will drive thousands of people to your site.

Google AdWords

Is the gorilla of the pay-per-click advertising.In the world, Google serves billions of clicks every day and you’re definitely going to want to get a piece of this pie.However it can be tricky working with Google. You need to be aware of the strict rule set that they have for pay-per-click advertisers.

There’s a large list of things you can do and cannot do on their ad network.You can learn more about these rules app by following this link

Google AdWords also uses a quality score system for landing pages.This means that they rate ads based on how relevant they are to the search term and how many people are actually clicking on the ad.The higher the quality score, the more often the ad is shown on Google, because they make more money.

Bing ads

Working with Bing ads is a little simpler ,even though they use a similar system to Google.They are not as strict as Google is ,but they do have a quality score system in place as well, so you just can’t go running trash ads on their network.

Bing ads also tend to be a little cheaper to run, because their sites get less traffic than Google Here’s a link to get you started with them.


You can also run ads on Facebook.Facebook traffic can be hit or miss ,but if you have an offer that works with the social media crowd that you can make a mint running ads.Facebook has an extensive pay-per-click ad management tool which lets you laser target the exact type of people you want seeing your ad.

You can work with all different types of demographics from age, location, interest and many other things. They’re definitely a paid traffic network worth taking a look at.

Besides those, there are a lot of other smaller pay-per-click networks.They may not be as well-known, but the traffic they sent over to you can be really high-quality.They all emulate Google’s AdWords system to some degree, but none of them are anywhere near strict as Google or even Bing/ Yahoo

The best smaller PPC networks

Here’s a short list of the best smaller PPC networks to work with:

No matter what advertising network do you choose to work with, you’re going to have to bid on your pay-per-click ads against other advertisers. You want to pay the least amount of money for the most amount of traffic, and this can be easily accomplished by having high quality ads coupled with a great bidding strategy.

What is your best source of advertising your business online?

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