SMS Mobile Marketing-reasons why is so effective

SMS Mobile Marketing-reasons why is so effective

4 reasons why SMS mobile phone marketing or text messaging is one of the most effective type of mobile advertising.Mobile advertising options are changing the way we do business.Marketing options for mobile phone like Text message marketing is a great tool for reaching customers instantly.Busineses should include mobile advertising in their marketing plans.

Mobile advertising a great way to do business

Reasons why mobile Text message marketing is effective :

1) You’re able to offer incentives (discounts, coupons, etc.) to entice folks to visit your business,

2) It’s relatively inexpensive

3) More and more people are using their phones more than their computers,

4) It’s permission based marketing and if your message is strong, your customers might just appreciate the texts. Similar to email marketing, your subscriber has the ability to opt out so they know they aren’t locked into a never ending barrage of text messages.

It is estimated that over 90% of text messages are read. That is an incredibly high number and even more powerful is the potential new business you could be gaining almost at will.

How sms or mobile text advertising works?

So, the numbers are great, the business model is solid, how does one go about getting subscribers to opt in to receive your sms mobile marketing?

Good question. The easiest way is once you have your shortcode, typically a realtively short phrase like PIZZA you can offer your prospects or customers a 10% discount or Free Coke With Every Pizza type of incentive if they text PIZZA to 12345 or whatever your shortcode associated number would be.

You are rewarding those who text with a discount. This win win situation means happy customers (for getting the discount) and a happy business owner (you) by building your customer list.

A great way to advertise your shortcode is to have it printed on receipts, on flyers, table tents, beer mats, website, mobile website, stationary, you name it.

Coupons and discounts are a fantastic way to bring in more business. Sites like Groupon and other similar coupon related sites are huge for a reason.

Everyone likes a deal and sending mobile phone marketing text messages makes it that much easier. But, you can also use SMS text marketing to remind folks of appointments, ask people to donate for a cause, or just about anything you can think of to help build your brand and increase your bottom line.

So, if you haven’t begun to incorporate mobile marketing in your advertising strategy, start considering it now because if you don’t, I can guarantee your competition will!

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