Secret tips to make money selling online
Make profit online

Secret tips to make money selling online

My personal secret 5 tips to make more money selling products online.The absolute tip for making money selling online regardless if you are selling your own products or the products of other companies as an affiliate marketer, is to learn the secrets of internet marketing.

Can You Still Make Money Selling Online?

I do believe that it’s still possible to make money dropshipping selling online.Just by having the 5 secret tips I will mention in this post and you will be able to accomplish results too.

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Think about how technology is a second nature for small children these days; can you see how you can really still make money selling onlineif you have the right tool?

Five tips to make money selling online

1. You must have a good website.

Your website is the number one, most influential tool you can have in your business to make money, support your clients and leverage your knowledge. The truth is that without a good website ( and I don’t mean just a pretty looking website, but functional too) your business very unlikely will get to be  profitable. Yes you can sell lots of products, but from there to putting lots of money in your pocket… traffic makes a big difference when it comes to sales.

There is a problem with setting up an ecommerce site :

Ecommerce stores do not convert well.The average store conversion rate is 0,2 to 3% and with such low numbers you will struggle to break through and make profits.Stores are difficult to set up:you need to sign up for an account,optimize them, test products, create ads to make sales and even so you are waiting to make money.

All this can take at least 2 weeks.I know, everybody tell you that you need a store, but….you really need an ecom funnel:not stores.The funnels convert 5 to 10 times better than regular ecom stores do, generating $1000- 5000 per day.This works in any ecommerce niche.

Crush the ecom business and make profits..

2. You must have a killer idea:

Being a copy cat doesn’t pay off. In order to make money selling online, you must have a unique, transformational, and amazing idea. The good news, even when you don’t think your idea is killer, I bet someone else in the world will thing it is killer, because they don’t have your experiences or expertise. So the trick comes down to Who are you selling your killer idea to.

3. You must have a Business Plan:

This is actually the most overlook tool that any entrepreneur, and sadly most women entrepreneur, should have in their business in order to make money selling online, but they don’t have. Why? Because a Business Plan well written, strategically crafted and tailored for you and your business will most definitely show you the way between where you are and where you want to be.

Without it, it’s like driving on a storm without headlights, or like driving across country without a map. The business world, especially the affiliate online business world is one that make it easy to get lost.

4. You must have a hot copy:

It took me a while, but finally I understood that in order to make money selling online you must have a hot copy. What do I mean with a hot copy? I mean your readers must feel and know that you are speaking their language. That you understand their pain and that you know exactly where they want to go.

These things are key and imperative to make them trust that you can take them were they want to go. In other words, as obvious as it sounds, your potential clients, will only buy from you, if they deeply believe you can help them; and you convey that to them, with a hot copy that resonates with them.

5. Ttreat your business as a business:

Many of my clients, before working with me, have hobbies that make them a little money… What I help them see is that if they want to make money selling online they must understand that hobbies don’t make your money. Businesses do!

So… you must start treating your business as a business. That means, knowing about the 5 pillars of a profitable business; and how to integrate them and manage them with your already busy life and business.

How to succeed making thousands from selling online

To learn the needed information for your total success to make money selling online, read a book or join a professional & reputable ecommerce plataform with online training. This site should include an array of teaching subjects and tutorials in online selling and of your own products and selling products and services for other companies as an affiliate marketer.

If you get excellent training first, you will be well on your way to making money selling online as well as having an incredible and exciting online sales and marketing career.Getting good training that includes:

How to get your listings ranked

Get your listings ranked on the online search engines in order for people to find you and to see what you have for sale. Without this you might as well stick with whatever job you presently have. Making money selling online is a skill you gain from the knowledge you get from proper online marketing training. It is an absolute must!

There are over 200 million searches everyday on The Google Search Engine and that does not even include searches on Yahoo and MSM. There are also billions, yes billions of dollars in sales made online every year and with training and knowledge you can get some of that at absolutely no cost to you!

If you know how to get ranked high on the search engine listings you can make an exciting and a great successful sales and marketing career and not only earn money selling online, but lots of it.

The first thing you need to know is what do people buy online? Who are the people that buy this. Where can they get this? Why do they need this? How can my offer help or benefit them?

The next thing you need to know is how can I reach them at no cost to me?

Lastly, but equally as important, you would need to know that there is more than one way to make money selling online, so you need to know which is the best way for you.

Finally, as already stated, you need to know exactly how you can get highly ranked in the search engine listings and be seen by potential online buyers.

Hope you enjoy these secrets to help you earn more money selling online. If you did, please share it with your friends.

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