SEO Keywords Research Techniques and Tools

SEO Keywords Research Techniques and Tools

All good SEO marketing campaign starts by doing the research to find the best keywords.Using the right Seo techique and a good SEO and ppc software tool you will be able to fiind the most valuable keywords to target your niche.

Search engine optimization is not a science, for this, you just need to choose the correct seo tools software to do it and you will get the right outcome for your business. My top SEO Software Tools you ought to give a try in order to achive a higher search engine position of your site.

Keyword research techniques

There are many different keyword research techniques that you could practice for your website and the first one is choosing the right keywords. Checking the traffic for the keyword plays an important role.

If many people are using these keywords when they are searching for something then when you use these keywords, your website will likely come up. There are many available tools for you to use to check the traffic of the keywords and with the help of these tools you will be able to pick the right keywords for your site.

Choose the right keywords

Choosing the right keywords to describe your company is one of the many keyword research techniques that you can use. What is your company all about and what do you really offer? These are questions that you should be able to answer so that you can find the right keywords for your company.

Check out the keyword competition

Checking out the keyword competition should also be part of your keyword research techniques. There are some keywords that are competitive in the sense that many other websites are using it already. Check out your competition and see the strength of their links and industry to see if you should still use these keywords or not.


How to research for the best SEO keyword

Researching for Seo specific keywords you will be able to get more traffic to your site from people searching for your product. For SEO purposes we use keyword tool software.How to find a HIGH PAYING Niche using Sheer SEO, a great online search engine optimization software tool that will help you get your website on the first result page of Google,Yahoo,Bing and other search engines.

Check out this complete automation of SEO including tools for tracking, backlinks building and much more.

This online Seo tracking software will help you out to increase search engine rankings instantly and allow you to perform Seo like a pro.

Use tools to do the keyword research for SEO

I use tools to create a list of Seo long tail keyword searches: google keyword planner free tool and long tail keyword finder software.

long tail keywordsLong Tail University, is a course that teaches you How to:

-find keywords and phrases that will lead to SALES.

-write Great Content Based On Keywords

-advanced tactics for how to strategically place keywords throughout your content – which the search engines are looking at

-develop Content Strategy

-Analyze Your Competition

How to do keyword research using google keyword planner tool.

How to get the best from Google Adwords Keyword Planner.Use the keyword planner free tool for SEO targeted keyword research.

Using the free seo tool for keyword research: you can start trying those keywords ideas you have,download results as a CSV file, and you can also check other data such as search volumes and costs per click. Here for this example, i’m using the word “shoes”, after that, i verify if the relevant country is selected, and then i click search.

Save a list of all your keywords by exporting to CSV format in order to organize and refer to it later. By the end of this step, you  have a large list of relevant keywords. Now you must decide which ones do you want to use.

Technique i use to filter out the SEO high competition keywords

My most used Seo technique when it comes to researching keywords is by using a software.Here is how to use this techinque to finde the best seo keywords for your niche:

Install the best Free SEO Software for all your SEO and PPC Management needs. Use Traffic Travis for  on and off page analysis aswell as spying on your competitors.

Once the keyword analyzer tool has been installed

Clicking on the typing box, a small window pops and you can enter the search words .

Copy and paste the words in groups, than click “ok”, and let the search do its job!

You’ll see the difficulty levels of different words.Keep in mind: -the higher the search volume and the lower the competition is the best.

What to do now?

It’s time to start your own Seo  keyword searches. Don’t forget to watch the video and download Traffic Travis the best free tool for finding the best keywords for seo.

Once you’ve finished the process, save the final list and start applying your knowledge to your website.

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