Site Quality Score and How To Improve Yours

Site Quality Score and How To Improve Yours

Site quality score according to Google has changed.What this means for our sites? A higher Quality index will give you a better positions on search engines and lower your site bounce rate. There are several factors that can boost the Quality Score:make sure that the keywords relevancy ,the ads and links on your site will give users more ways to interact and click through your website.

The major SEO quality factors are:relevance and quality.

There are different quality score standars for different types of pages,as Google explains:

“Shopping or financial transaction pages: webpages which allow users to make purchases, transfer money, pay bills, etc. online.”

So, for this kind of sites in order to show on the first page of search results, they have to demostrate that they are an authority, and worth the consumer trust.

How to improve the quality index (score) of your site

As we all know, content is the king.Quality Score is a metric also known as quality index used by Google,and not only.The reason behind this is to improve users experience when they click through your site.A user friendly experience and on site conversion data deternins the quality score for a site.

Here is what Google says:

“For all types of webpages, creating high quality MC [main content] takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill.”

Ways to raise the quality score of your page

The placement of the main content is also very important:

it should be prominently displayed ,
when a user opens the page, the main content should be immediately visible .
the main content must be very clear.

But what about the lenght?

Do you think that the lenght should be an important factor when deciding the site quality score of a page?
I don’t think so; i’d rather be reading a short and to the point post, than a long and full of crap and “bla-bla” page.

But let’s go back to the point.It seems that in the eyes of Google, the pages that contain between 800 and 5000 words, have more quality and a better score, and  those sites rank higher easily.

What shoul be the ideal lenght of a specific page?

To determin it ,we will look to the page of our main competitors.
I use a Free SEO tool that makes all this tasks easier,but i recently found:
SEO Power Suite
Open the WebSite Auditor module, and create a project.
Go to Content Analysis ,click Page Audit. Select the page to analyze, and enter the keywords. When the analysis has finished , look at Word count in <body>.
If you see a yellow warning, means that your word count is less than the average post lenght of your 10 competitors that are using the same keyword as you.

To edit a page that has too little or too much content, go to Content Anlysis,click Content Editor and start typing.

rsite quality index


This is another factor in determening and raising the quality score of a website.As an example, for a medium site, a positive reputation can determine a higher quality; on the other hand,negative reputation result in a low quality score.

For this reason, you want to make sure that the online reviews of your site are positive.You can use the Buzz Bundle module of the SEO Power Suite software in order to fix possible errors.

Make readers stay on your site, and you’ll get a quality boost.

Adding related post, ads, or links to other parts of your site, will make the user’s experience easier and more useful.

Make your site mobile friendly.

Use the Page Speed Insights, in Google Search Console, and check if your page is usable for mobile devices.

Backlinks and the changes with the new concept about site quality score

Here is what Google says:

“Each of the resources [linking to a site] is assigned to one of a plurality of resource quality groups, each resource quality group being associated with a range of resource quality scores, each resource being assigned to the resource quality group associated with the range encompassing the resource quality score for the resource. The number of resources in each resources quality group is counted. A link quality score is determined for the site using the number of resources in each resource quality group. If the link quality score is below a threshold link quality score, the site is classified as a low quality site.”

Google says that links will have diffrent weight, depending on the placement on the page:

“Each link can be given a different weight depending on several factors such as an offset of the hyperlink (e.g., position on the document) and a size of a paragraph where the hyperlink is located. In another embodiment, a hyperlink readily visible upon loading of a document may be given a higher weight than a hyperlink visible only after scrolling down.”

How do i check the quality of backlinks?

Open SEO Spy Glass module of  software , select all the links and click update factors.Click the penalty risk tab and check for the links that have over 30% penalty risk.Pay more atention to those that have over 60% penalty risk.

ways to raise site quality score

If you decide a link is coming from a low quality site, contact the administrator of the site and ask to take down that link.
You can also disavow backlinks, if you have a substantial low quality links.

Create a disavow file right in SEO Spy Glass, export it to your computer and than upload the file to Google Webmaster Tools.
You can use this tools or if you need a more in depth seo analysis that will ensure better results, you can allways fiind  good SEO tools online.


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